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Do you think your bathroom could look more modern with a new vanity? Luxe Kitchen and Bath is a provider of quality bathroom vanity installations for homeowners in Pleasant Valley TX. Our experienced team members will assist you in choosing a gorgeous new vanity that complements your overall style and budget. You can also rely on us to arrive on time to complete the installation as well as handle your questions. It’s our commitment to exceptional customer service that has established our reputation for being one of the best bathroom vanity installers in Central Texas. You’re invited to have a look at the many enthusiastic ratings and reviews we’ve received during our 35+ years experience years in business. 

Do you have any questions about your upcoming bathroom vanity upgrade? Call us today to chat with one of our friendly staff members! 

What are My Options for Bathroom Vanities?

Pleasant Valley TX bathroom vanities come in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. The materials you choose for the countertops and cabinets will play a sigfnificant factor in how much the vanity will cost. 

Narrowing down a material that fits your budget is crucial in order to receive a vanity you’ll be pleased with, and here are a selection of the most popular vanity options:


Bathroom vanities with quartz countertops look organic despite being made in a factory. Sturdy and sleek, they’re known for being waterproof, nonporous and easy to care for. These qualities make quartz vanities a perfect choice for bathrooms.


For an unbeatable balance of reliability and elegance, we highly recommend a granite bathroom vanity. Granite is a natural material – in other words, every slab is unique and boasts an attractive range of makings and hues. However, be mindful that this water-permeable stone does need surface treatment and routine maintenance to keep it waterproof. In addition to that, granite is not the most affordable bathroom vanity option on the market. 

But if your objective is an upscale look that will last for a long period of time, a granite vanity will accomplish exactly that.


Cultured marble is the most popular material for premade vanities. It’s fully waterproof, easy to keep clean, and won’t break the bank. Plus, it looks very similar to high-end marble slabs. In other words, you can get the refinement and beauty of a marble bathroom vanity minus the enormous price sticker and maintenance requirements. 


Laminate bathroom vanities are budget-friendly and available in a practically limitless variety of colors and designs. You can even find laminate vanities that are built to resemble ritzy natural stone like marble and granite. Not to mention, they’re easy to clean and will last a long period of time with the right care.

Trusted Bathroom Vanity Installers in Pleasant Valley TX

Adding a new bathroom vanity may sound challenging, buttruthfully it is a fairly straightforward step that can have a huge impression on the overall feel of the room. 

Whether you’re looking to reward yourself with an updated master bathroom or provide guests with an enjoyable experience when they stop by, you can trust our expert team to ensure the job is done right. 

We issue free price estimates for bathroom vanities in Pleasant Valley TX. To receive yours, call our office at 512-543-4282 or fill out the quick form on our website.

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